Healing OUR Heroes: COVID-19

  • Posted on Mar 1, 2021

This time, this place, we have become forever connected in a special way by living through and surviving COVID-19. Unfortunately, some did not survive COVID’s wrath, and our hearts will eternally grieve those losses. Our daily demands continue with little time to grieve let alone decompress. 

For better or for worse, there is power in connection. This pandemic is a shared experience. Aging & Amazing, LLC has been able to share alongside healthcare workers the depths of this pandemic experience, firsthand. As workers, we mutually hear the tiredness in our voices, yet the urgency to complete our daily tasks with care, precision, and expediency, as if the conditions are not unusual and incredibly stressful. Our caregivers and residents need us now more than ever to provide stability in such uncertain times. Let us not forget this is also a critical time in their loved ones’ care. 

Masked faces do not hide the depths that lie in the eyes of our healthcare “healers.” The suspense is felt daily, as undoubtedly residents and staff continue to test positive. Our healers have been the receiver and support for our colleagues when they share “I tested positive for COVID-19.” With their voices shattered, hope drained from their very existence, we offer words of encouragement. All the while, we are well aware of the lethalness and unpredictability of COVID-19. 

From housekeeping to nursing, we are “healers” in our own right and respect. Most importantly, we are human. The long-term consequences of being a committed “healer” in a healthcare setting, during this pandemic, has yet to be fully examined. Post-traumatic stress, anxiety, compulsive behavior, agoraphobia, isolation, hesitation, frustration etc. are realities and fate for some. How do we heal the “healers”? 

  Recognize the healer and hero in you that the fate of healthcare workers post-pandemic matters to you. It is not a simple answer nor a simple solution. However, healing the healer will be critical to the continued sustainability  and longevity of workers in various healthcare settings. We recommend doing what you are able, within your means and grasp. Aging & Amazing responded to this call with our  Sponsorship Campaign to celebrate, honor Nursing Home Heroes and Residents with Care Packages. Visit www.AgingAmazing.org to sponsor or nominate our heroes! Share with us what you and/your company are doing in efforts to heal our heroes.  We’d love to hear from you!  


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