Caregiving is a journey. The decision to become a caregiver can be by choice or necessity. There is no instructions manual for your specific situation. We need you to survive and thrive in your caregiving journey. Allow Aging & Amazing to be there for you. Our services for Aging & Amazing Caregivers are designed for those caring for ages 60 and better through presentations, information, and engagement with innovation, experience, creativity, and most importantly care. 

“There are only four kinds of caregivers in the world. Those who have been caregivers. Those who are currently caregivers. Those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.” –Rosalyn Carter 

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The Caregiver ReInvented 
Malika Moore, LICSW, LCSW-C  | A. Faye Boykins-Calhoun | Jakia Muhammad 

Caregiving has been your world. You have managed your way through the grieving process or perhaps grieved while your loved one was alive. Incorporating caregiving into your daily routine, mentally, physically, and emotionally takes its toll. Don’t Fret! We are here to explore interactively and spiritually reinventing your life after caregiving through a series of topics. 

Revitalizing Retirement 
Presenters: The Cultivated Caregiver: Coping and Conquering the Journey 
Malika Moore, LICSW, LCSW-C  | Jakia Muhammad 

This workshop is designed to support Aging & Amazing Caregivers, local and long-distance, in a meaningful, practical, and  culturally sensitive way to efficiently and effectively manage the caregiving journey.  

Session 1 Caregiver Identified** 

Objective: Caregivers will learn the different types of caregivers, identify caregiving style, and obtain the  knowledge to form their own identity as a caregiver.  

Session 2 Being Well: Body, Mind, and Soul**  

Objective: Caregivers will identify the indicators, potential impact, and coping strategies for the following: grief/loss and burnout/fatigue on the mind, body, and soul.  

Session 3 Roles Reversed 

Objective: Caregivers will have open space to feel comfortable discussing the possible role reversals related  to caregiving, i.e. care recipient’s changes in personality, hands on care. 

Session 4 The Strategic Caregiver** 

Objective: Caregivers will obtain information from Clinical Social Worker and Professional Organizer in  being prepared and organizing commonly used items/documents for tasks, such as doctor appts., shopping,  passwords, and emergency contacts etc.  

Aging & Amazing, LLC is collaborating with SoleOrganizer owner, Jakia Muhammad, to conduct this session.  

Sole Organizer: 

Session 5 Caregiver Lifeline** 

Objective: Caregivers near and far will get an overview to navigate additional supports or lifelines available  in the caregiving journey, i.e. home health aides, long term care, care management etc.  

Session 6 Caregiver Re-envisioned  

Objective: The Cultivated Caregiver sessions will be overviewed, and charge will be given for caregivers to  redefine, re-envision his or her role as a caregiver. 


Aging & Amazing partners regularly with organizations to bring our Aging & Amazing Professionals to provide support groups catered to the below listed caregivers. We may be partnering with an agency and/or organization near you! 

  • Caregivers: All ages caring for someone Age 60 & better 
  • Sandwiched Generation: Caregivers typically in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s raising their own children and caring for their aging parents or relatives. 
  • Long-Distance Caregivers: Caregivers that are not in close proximity to the care recipient and are responsible for care in some form. 
  • Non Traditional Caregivers: Older Adults raising grandchildren and providing care for aging spouses and/or relatives. 


Aging & Amazing loves everything about aging! Our professionals specializing in Aging range from the community to healthcare professionals. Let us know how we can help.